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New Mover Facts at a Glance

New Mover Facts at a Glance:   Who Moves Each Year & When They Move: Approximately 14% of the US population moves each year Based on the population (2013) estimate of 316.13 million, we can assume that around 44,000,000 people moved in the US the previous year Of those who moved: 57% moved within the […]

Reaching an Untapped Market- New Movers

In the U.S., more than 40 million people move each year. That’s about 1 in 7 households relocating each year! While many of these people (59%) moved within the same county, about 19% moved to a different county (in the same state), another 19% moved to a different state and 3% moved out of the […]

Big Data

Full use of Big Data is estimated to increase business profits by more than 60% per year, according to Big Data and business expert Bernard Marr (author of Big Data).   However, most businesses don’t make the most of available Big Data resources, and for good reason—Big Data can seem boring, confusing, expensive and time-Consuming. […]

The Power of Reaching Credit Card Holders

The ability to reach credit card holders is an extremely effective tool. According to Gallup and The Federal Reserve, Americans have an average of 2.6 credit cards, and 56% of credit cards are actively used on a monthly basis. The amount of spending power is huge, and more likely to be put to use when […]

The Importance of B2B Commerce

Too often, businesses and marketers primarily focus on advertising and reaching potential consumers on an individual level at their home address or via personal e-mail. While this tactic proves effective, it is arguably more important to target marketing strategies towards other businesses. B2B commerce is a key element in generating profit; not only does this […]

Target With Knowledge

It’s no secret that determining your target market is essential to running a successful business. Many companies however, fail to grasp the most important part of this concept- understanding the psychographics, consumer behavior, and characteristics of said target market. Many consumers’ personalities, buying behaviors, and perceptions of life are shaped by the generational cohort in […]

Mobility Falls to a Record Low as Americans Stay Put

Young adults are not leaving home and getting their own apartments. Too many are unemployed or uncertain of their futures. Older people are not moving to their dream retirement areas. They are possibly underwateron their current homes and are reluctant to sell and take a significant loss, or their nest egg isn’t as valuable as […]

Who Moves, Where and Why

Recent government reports provide a great deal of insight into the mobility of Americans. People move for many reasons, including a new job, a change in marital status or family size, or a change in economic status. For years major mailers have utilized “new move‟ names for their direct mail programs … because new move […]

What Exactly are Pre-Movers and Why Should I Market to Them

For many years there has been a strong demand for pre-movers ~ people planning to move. This was prompted by the moving companies, who wanted to pitch the pre-mover on their upcoming moves. When online surveys became popular, companies started asking the question: “are you planning to relocate within the next 3 months”. Those names […]

What Percentage of Americans Really Move Each Year

Over the past quarter century I’ve heard dozens of different statistics about the percentage of people that move every year. These guesstimates have varied from a low of 10% to a high of 25%. There seems to be a similar amount of confusion about the distance of moves and the variations by age and gender. […]