New Mover Facts at a Glance

New Mover Facts at a Glance:


Who Moves Each Year & When They Move:

  • Approximately 14% of the US population moves each year
  • Based on the population (2013) estimate of 316.13 million, we can assume that around 44,000,000 people moved in the US the previous year
  • Of those who moved:
    • 57% moved within the same county
    • 20% moved to a different county within the same state
    • 19.5% moved to a different state
    • 3.5% moved to a different country.
  • The percentage of population that moves, when broken down by age- varies considerably, as does the distance of the move
    • For example: around 4% of those over the age of 65 will move to a new county, yet approximately 30% of those aged 20-29 will move to a new county.
  • Couples with young children are the most likely to move a long distance
  • As people get older, the percentage of people who move decreases consistently
  • There are two exceptions to this trend- when people reach age 65, there is an increase in both the percentage of moves, and distance of move- this is likely due to retirement
  • When people reach age 85+, there is an increase in the percentage of moves, and a decrease in distance of the move. This is possibly due to a move to an assisted living facility.
  • There is also a difference between the sexes. in the 20-24 age group, 34% of females will move each year, yet only 28% of males will move. By the age of 30-34, the percentages are almost identical: 20.3% for females, and 19.3% for males. By age 40, this reverses, with 11.28% for females and 12.26% for males.
  • more people move in the spring and summer than in the fall and winter

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