Big Data

Full use of Big Data is estimated to increase business profits by more than 60% per year, according to Big Data and business expert Bernard Marr (author of Big Data).


However, most businesses don’t make the most of available Big Data resources, and for good reason—Big Data can seem boring, confusing, expensive and time-Consuming. But it doesn’t have to be!


We highlight three benefits of Big Data:


  1. Understanding our customers better – With Big Data we now know our customers’ preferences and needs better than ever. This new knowledge allows us to target our customers more precisely, leading to better sales and more profit. Big Data also allows us to segment (divide) our customers into specific groups based on their purchasing needs and other habits, so that we can focus our attention only on those customers who are interested in what we have to offer them.


  1. Reaching more people, faster – Big Data allows us to reach more customers quicker. With Big Data, there are now central hubs storing masses of customer info. Each week Avrick Directs’ Pre Movers List, for example, updates with 85,000+ people who recently listed their home for sale; a list of this magnitude wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago without advancements in Big Data.


  1. Being able to contract out – Some projects can be done in-house by your own staff. Other projects require additional support and resources. It’s important you know when it’s time to contract out. Thankfully, with the increasing demand of Big Data, more companies are available to help with your Big Data needs, and the Return On Investment (ROI) is often greater if you hire an expert!


At Avrick Direct, we offer a full suite of Big Data services for all of your business needs. We are a direct marketing company that specializes in data compilation. Call us today (805-683-6551 ext 1) for a FREE consultation of your Big Data needs.

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