Reaching an Untapped Market- New Movers

In the U.S., more than 40 million people move each year. That’s about 1 in 7 households relocating each year!
While many of these people (59%) moved within the same county, about 19% moved to a different county
(in the same state), another 19% moved to a different state and 3% moved out of the country entirely.

This week, I share a few of my favorite facts about moving and how you can tap into the New Mover market:

New Movers are young – A large portion of New Movers are young adults(those 18 – 34 years old), with
people in their 20’s being the most likely to move each year. Your marketing materials should reflect the interests
of this consumer group since young adults spend and consume differently than adults and older adults.

New Movers spend more money – Consumers spend more in the first 6 months after a move than they will over
the course of the next 3 years; they are ready and eager to spend money on their new home and in their local community.
As such, your business should be directing marketing efforts to this big-ticket group!

Moving fluctuates by season – People move most often during the summer months, with nearly 50% of moves taking place
between June and September. While the presence of children has some effect on moving, summer is still the most common
time for parents to move. In other words, mail during the summer for the best results!

In summary, New Movers are a great market for your business since they are likely to spend large amounts of money
within the next 6 months.

Where to find New Movers: New Movers are a critical component of many effective business marketing plans. Avrick Direct’s
Consolidated New Movers List contains 425,000 consumers who have recently moved. That is 425,000 potential new consumers
with new residences, and new businesses, in mind!


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